Come visit us on the Sunshine Mile on Broadway.


HIRSH’s has a plethora of foot aids for almost any foot problem.

  • Heels hurt? We have heel pads and cups suitable for heel spurs, bruises and other apopyses.
  • Leg length discrepancies? We have lifts in various heights. Not sure how high a lift you’ll need? We can measure the leg differential.
  • Sore toes? We have spacers, gel coverings and hammer toe crests.
  • Need an orthotic? We stock off-the-shelf ones from Lynco, Bio-sole, Spenco and others.
  • Hirsh’s can even construct custom orthotics. Staff member, Richard Moran, Certified Pedorthist, does this by appointment.
  • Need metatarsal pads, scaphoid pads, heel straights? You’ll find all these at Hirsh’s as well as a large selection of socks designed for diabetics and people with circulatory problems and double-layer, blister-proof walking socks.

Whatever your foot-comfort needs, try Hirsh’s first. If it’s not in-stock, we can get it for you.